Ladies and gentlemen, hold onto your spandex unitards... presenting the TnT! This pink & teal deco-adorned riff-machine is the brainchild of master guitar pyrotechnician Shred Sean Maier. Sean had been dreaming of this axe for a long time and had even approached production guitar companies with the concept. But, the extended range, ultra-custom artwork and specific hardware and electronic requirements were more than they were willing to take on. Fortunately, he got in contact with us at EQ - extended range and ultra-custom are kind of our thing ;) 

The TnT is sporting a 29-fret, black-as-night ebony fretboard loaded with stainless steel frets so large we had to get a company to custom-make the wire for us (Dunlop 6000 spec,) over a quartersawn Maple, Wenge and Purpleheart neck running through a Maple-capped Ash body. Some might ask; why go through the trouble of putting a Maple top on a solid finished body? It adds that little bit of extra note separation that you need when your fingers are about to catch fire. You may not see it, but you'll hear it and feel it. Complete with an original Floyd Rose, Bill Lawrence L500XL and DiMarzio Chopper combo with a split switch in the lone master volume; the range of sounds is exactly what Sean needs to do what he does best. It is also important to note that the artwork on the guitar is not an applied decal or even an airbrushed finish, but a masterfully brush-painted work by NYC-based artist Derek Piasecki.

Despite this instrument being a radical departure from our usual work, it happens to fit right in-line with our mentality as luthiers: strive to create the perfect instrument for the person that commissions it regardless of background, genre or style.