The concept of the Parallipse was something that my good friend and incredibly talented musician, Zach Comtois and I had been discussing over the course of nearly two years. Zach wanted a guitar that was simple, elegant and lightweight, yet versatile enough to eliminate the necessity for bringing multiple guitars to a gig or recording session. And, since Zach is essentially a human jukebox with a phonographic memory, my work was cut out for me to have the result cover all of his bases.

We started with some of his favorite guitars over the years, including a semi-hollow PRS, Les Paul, SG, Eric Johnson Strat and Martin D-28. Then we took some of the vintage aesthetic touches such as the subtle "iced tea burst" and 3-ply body and neck binding, along with a 22-fret short-scale set-neck and a 3x3 tilt-back headstock and applied them to our modern, thin-contoured body style. By using a Maple/Alder body with a Maple neck instead of the traditional Mahogany composition, we were able to take significant weight off of the body and help restore the upper-midrange note clarity that is usually lost with a traditional short scale design.

Since Zach is a habitual thumb-wrapper, using it to grab the roots of chords while forming upper voicings, he has always been partial to hard V-shaped necks. However, a traditional V-shape can be somewhat limiting when it comes to upper-fret soloing comfort so Zach was hoping there might be a way to combine the V-shape with a more standard contour. This led to one the most interesting and unique neck profiles I have ever played, let alone carved. After tracing very unusual limit-lines over the roughed-out neck and blending the edges as I worked farther toward the heel, we were able to create a shape that transitioned seamlessly from a hard V at the nut, to a smooth, rounded D shape at the heel.

Topping off the list of personally-tailored features, the pickups and electronic combinations were chosen to provide the most straight-forward, yet complete and useable array of tones. The Fast Track in the neck lends a sweet "Kotzen-style" single-coil sound, which blends perfectly with the warm, yet clear D Sonic in the bridge position. And, by using the push/push series/parallel switch for the bridge pickup, a "4-position" single-coil tone is available for lower gain, glassier sounds.