A former co-worker of mine came to me when he first heard that we were making custom guitars and basses to outline his dream bass. He wanted a pretty standard J Bass: Swamp Ash body, Maple neck, rosewood fretboard, vintage-style J pickups and wiring. Then came the catch...Wenge neck-laminates, Cocobolo Rosewood Fretboard, a zero fret, nautical-themed carving and inlays and a 27-fret neck!

Needless to say, the design was based around the neck length. We mapped out the extended fret reach on a standard J Bass outline, and proportionally modified the lower half of the body to allow full access to the upper register. Even with the extreme cutaway, the thickness of the body, and the necessary placement of the pickups required additional modifications. We contoured the neck heel, and beveled The top and back of the lower horn to provide extra left-hand mobility.