The guitarist that this was built for was originally a Strat player, but she wanted a smaller profile, easier stretches and a faster feel. Accordingly, we made this one with a tighter waist, shorter fret scale and thinner neck. However, to preserve some of the classic Fender nostalgia, the medium-jumbo fretwire was lacquered prior to installation.

We really went off the deep end with the custom options here, but especially given the lack of choices with left-handed guitar models out there, this was the perfect opportunity to get it just right. We spent a great amount of time deciding on the electronic configuration and switching setup. She wanted to have some of her favorite single-coil sounds paired with full humbuckers and a piezo-acoustic system. The resulting wiring scheme utilized a multipole 5-way switch that allowed for various series/parallel/split humbucker options in conjuction with the other pickups and a separate volume control for the acoustic preamp. From the "wood camoflage" single-coil veneer and humbucker mounting rings, to the matching Indian Rosewood tremolo arm tip, every little detal was pored over and chosen to yield a "complete" instrument that was uniquely hers.