Making custom instruments has taught us that there is always a point of inspiration which drives the rest of a build. Sometimes it is a certain wood combination, other times it's a specific sound or pickup set. It can be a vintage guitar finish that the customer has always admired or the ability to cover a huge frequency range comfortably. This time, however, we got to tackle the challenge of building the best-sounding guitar that Spongebob, Winnie the Pooh and Andre the Giant have ever graced.

This stickerbombed Masai MS8 was built for the guitarist of Australian tech-metal sextet Make Way For Man: Josh Allcock. The goals of the build were simple: versatility, huge tones and the ability to handle ultra-low tunings, all with the light weight, ultimate playability, sustain and resonance that the Masai is known for. For the first goal we carved the axe from our tried and true American wood combination; Alder, Maple and Walnut. The addition of an Ebony fretboard was a key choice that kept the highs glassy and the lows nice and tight. The second goal was achieved by outfitting this monster with a custom fanned 8 string set of Bare Knuckle pickups and some unusual switching combinations via a 5-way monster switch. By turning a knob, Josh is also able to swell in lush acoustic tones from a GraphTech AcoustiPhonic system, or split the acoustic and magnetic signals to different amps if he desires. For the third goal, we built the guitar around an ultra-baritone 28.5"-30" scale so there will be no riffs too low and no melodies too high.

In their short life as a band thus far; Josh and Make Way For Man have already anchored themselves as one Perth Australia's most exciting up and coming metal acts and have shared the stage with Trivium, Fear Factory, Circles and Drowning Pool. Defeinitely keep an eye on these guys; big things await...

Stickerbomb Control Layout
Master Volume:
500K Pot controls the volume of the magnetic signal
Master Tone:
500K Pot with Orange Drop 0.022uf cap controls the treble response of the magnetic signal
Acoustic Volume:
Controls the volume of the GraphTech AcoustiPhonic system. Includes a push/pull switch that blends the magnetic pickups with the acoustic pickup in mono.
5-Way Blade Switch WIring:
Position 1: Neck Single Coil
Position 2: Neck and Middle Single Coils
Position 3: Middle Single Coil and Bridge Humbucker Split-wired
Position 4: Bridge Humbucker Parallel-wired
Position 5: Bridge Humbucker Series-wired
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