Lightweight to hold, but brutally heavy to wield, this Flamed Redwood and Swamp Ash Masai 7 "Mjølner" was built for Graham Bacher: vocalist/guitarist in Boston's 4-piece prog metal band Protean Collective.

Redwood and Swamp Ash are warmer woods than we would traditionally pair together in a 7-string, but the lively touch-responsiveness and organic depth-of-tone that this combination provides suits Graham's chordal playing style perfectly.

Graham didn't want any overly complicated control set-up, but the handful of tones that he needed regularly had to be perfect and easily accessible. In line with his playing philosophy, we used a Bare Knuckle Nailbomb humbucker in the bridge, and a Custom Shop Seymour Duncan SSL7 single coil in the neck with a simple 3-way toggle switch and master volume control, alongside a full GraphTech piezo-acoustic system. Run in stereo, both the electric and acoustic signals can be summed or switched externally for an instantaneous tonal overhaul.

Mjølner Control Layout
Master Volume:
500K pot controls the volume of the magnetic pickups.

Pickup Selector:
3-way switch toggles between the bridge pickup, both pickups and the neck pickup.
Piezo-Acoustic Volume:
Controls the volume of the piezo-acoustic preamp. A push/pull switch bypasses the acoustic preamp to keep the show going in the case of a dead battery.

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