Tailored to the diverse musical needs of her owner; solo guitarist, composer and arranger Annie Shred; Iris is an amethyst-clad Swiss army knife of an instrument. When we were initially discussing the capabilities that she wanted her guitar to have, Annie expressed that she wanted to push her technical metal writing and electronic music compositions into new territory. The inevitable end-result was a multi-scale 8-string with 27 stainless steel frets, equipped with every tone we could pack into the ultra-thin Masai frame and with a look that perfectly bridges the feminine and the brutal.

Annie and I worked closely with Derek Duncan of Seymour Duncan Pickups to get a custom set of crushing Pegasus and Sentientpickups that matched the multi-scale proportions of her guitar. Pairing each pickup with a series/parallel switch, any one pickup position could have the eq taken in a brighter or warmer direction without ever losing presence. Alongside the magnetic pickups, Iris is fitted with a Graphtech Ghost piezo-acoustic system giving all 8 strings shimmering acoustic tone with the turn of a knob. As if those options weren't enough; coupled to the acoustic preamp is a GraphTech Hexpander MIDI system which gives the top 6 strings full MIDI/synth capanilities via a Roland GK synth controller.

Iris Control Layout
Master Volume:
500K pot controls the volume of the magnetic pickups. Includes push/pull switch that allows for neck pickup series/parallel operation.

Pickup Selector:
3-way switch toggles between the bridge pickup, both pickups and the neck pickup.
Master Tone:
500K pot wired with a .022uF orange drop cap controls the tone of the magnetic pickups. Includes push/pull switch that allows for bridge pickup series/parallel operation.
Piezo-Acoustic Volume:
Controls the volume of the piezo-acoustic preamp. A push/pull switch changes the midrange voicing of the acoustic tone.

MIDI/Synth Volume:
Controls the volume of programmed synth patches via a 13-pin Roland GK-MIDI cable. A psuh/push switch bypasses the acoustic preamp to keep the show going in the case of a dead battery.

Synth 1:
2-way momentary switch scrolls up or down through programmed synth patches.

Synth 2:
3-way switch toggles which combination of sounds is heard. The "up" position is the electric and acoustic pickups, the middle position is electric, acoustic and synth, and the down position is synth by itself. 
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