During the process of recording Extol’s new self-titled album, guitarist/songwriter Ole Børud and I began discussing a custom 7-string to complement the sound that they were working to capture in the new record. After some deliberation Ole decided that the specs for the original Flamethrower Masai would make for a great starting point but with important personalized modifications.

Ole's neck shape preference on 6-string guitars is generally a medium C profile. For the neck on his 7 we used the rounded C shape as a reference, but made it thinner to aid with fretting comfort on a wider neck.

Because the new album was to be more solo heavy than their previous releases, a locking trem would be necessary, as well as some simple but versatile pickup switching options. Although the Flammekaster is a 3-pickup guitar, it utilizes a 3-way toggle that only switches between the two outer humbuckers. The mini-toggle switch between the 3-way toggle and Master Tone knob serves to combine the middle single coil with any other pickup option, thereby providing the “2” and “4” position sounds on a Strat. Additionally, the lower mini-toggle switches between series or parallel operation for the neck humbucker; allowing for additional bite for leads or glassy clean tones if desired.

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