This is the prototype build for our standard model; the Masai and it's being used by our head luthier Dave Cohen in his hard rock/metal band Chuggernaut. It was spec'd out to be the edgier bigger brother of the more fluid Aesir. It has a more square frame and a wider body to accomodate the size and scale of an 8-string neck. In our usual fashion, when we set out to design a new guitar we try and make it as interesting and elaborate as possible while still maintaining a clean, minimalist look.

The custom aspects for this build came in the form of a solid Gaboon Ebony neck-through, Ebony carved top and multiscale Bloodwood fretboard. You can customize this model to be a 6-string, straight fret, bolt on or to any spec you prefer. We just like to show how custom we are able to get with these instruments.The Masai tribe of Kenya have long been such revered hunters that even lions leave them alone. It was a natural name to lend to a primarily African Ebony 8-string war-machine with a blood-red fretboard; pretty much the best thing you could carry into a bear-fight.

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