Sharp as a razor, yet seemingly edible; The CreamSickle project was a great opportunity to showcase a few things that we hadn't had the chance to put out there yet as it is the first bolt-on and first 7-string that we have built.

The specs of the guitar were tailored around it's recipient, guitarist/mixing engineer Greg Macklin (System Divide, Ordinance, Jeff Loomis) and the unusual tuning that he employs. The guitar needed to be able to handle tuning to 7-string drop F# (F# B F# B E G# C#) which none of his current instruments were able to do comfortably. By utilizing an 8 string guitar fanned scale of 25.5" to 28.5" in a 7-string format, all strings were able to hold their pitch under perfect tension using only a standard 11 gauge string set with a low 68.

The creamsicle aesthetic of the guitar was another request from Greg, but we took it one step further. The sealer coats on the body are pure white, so as the finish wears with time...

As with all of our guitars, ergonomics and playability are an absolute priority, but with bolt-on construction it becomes more of a design challenge. The molded heel concept was the result; shaping the contour so that regardless of how the player holds the neck at the upper frets, the heel fits the palm or stays out of the way completely. The carve just above the heel provides access for easy thumb-wrapped blues licks, while the deep bevel of the lower horn allows the back of the hand to extend completely for maximum finger reach.

To check out Greg's work click:!/systemdivide!/ordinanceofficial