This Masai 727b was built for genre-bending virtuoso Bryan Baker, and having run the stylistic gamut from technical progressive metal to avant-garde jazz fusion, he knows tone and its application better than most.

For his heavier projects, he wanted an axe that delivered a small selection of tones flawlessly and let his hands do the rest. Brimstone is the result.

Brimstone is our design concept distilled to its most elemental state: exotic and custom where it needs to be; stripped down and practical where it doesn’t.

We built the guitar around a slim c shape, 27”scale, 27 fret neck, but Instead of a more traditional neck wood, we chose Padauk; which has an incredible combination of tonal dynamics, definition, resonance and musicality. This combined with a straight Maple fretboard (that we set on fire and branded with the pagan symbol “Brimstone”) brought those characteristics to life. Since the neck had so much personality, we used very even-tempered Alder for the body so as not to push the tone too far in any one direction.

For the electronics, a series/parallel-wired Bare Knuckle was the only way to go; taking the touch sensitivity and range of the guitar to ungodly heights.

Brimstone Control Layout
Master Volume:
500K Pot controls the volume magnetic signal. A push/pull switch controls series or parallel operation for the single pickup.
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