Sanguine and streamlined; the Bloodbath is a Masai MS8 that we built for Jarett Norton of the Boston-based death-metal band Totality. With neck laminates, a headstock veneer and a full carved top cut from deep red bloodwood, the guitar is as balanced tonally as it is aesthetically. Jarett's primary guitar is a 25.5" scale 7-string, so our decision to go fan-fret for the build came from the need to have the fret spacing for lead-playing remain consistent with his 7, while still being able to get the surgically-tight low-end that only a true baritone scale length can deliver. Bloodwood is a phenomenal tonewood and serves as a great alternative to mahogany in extended-range guitars. Although the open-grain structure is very similar, the wood fiber is much harder; increasing resonance and low-end definition.

Additional customizations for this build include a Bloodwod-masked neck-thru top, our Alnico 5 mod for the neck position D Activator 8, as well as our Silent-Kill Switch which both eliminates ground hum when it's off and the electric "pop" when it's turned back on.

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