The first of the FT line; Orion was built to showcase the wealth of custom possibilities, as well the loud, percussive resonanace, long sustain and ergonomic beveling around which the FT was designed. Featuring a mult-stage midnight blue-dyed Maple Burl top and headstock, oiled Walnut back, Flamed Maple/Wenge neck and bound Ebony fretboard, Orion has every area of the frequency spectrum represented. And; detailed with a split-blade pearl inlay and EQ inlay; as well as Vintage Copper Schaller hardware, it's as lavish in form as it is in function.

Orion is also the first build to feature our new OEM pickups: the NDC humbuckers and NSC single-coils; custom-wound for us by Nordstrand Pickups. Complete with a Series/Split/Parallel switch for the NDC humbucker and a middle pickup on/off (via a push/pull switch at the tone control) Orion is able to demonstrate the ultimate tonal versatility of these pickups. 

Orion Control Layout
Master Volume:
500K pot controls the volume of the magnetic pickups.

Pickup Selector:
3-way switch toggles between the bridge pickup, both pickups and the neck pickup.

Bridge SSP Switch:
Series/Split/Parallel switch for the bridge humbucker that toggles between traditional humbucking operation, true single coil and noiseless single coil modes.
Master Tone:
500K pot wired with a .022uF orange drop cap controls the tone of the magnetic pickups. Includes push/pull switch that brings the middle pickup in or out of the signal path.