One rainy fall evening, we got an exciting call from one of our customers; blues-rock afficionado Zach Comtois (and proud owner of the Parallipse.) He had just landed the gig as the guitarist for Britney Spears' "Piece of Me" show in Las Vegas! We immediately got down to business and spec'd out a second guitar that would cover all the tones he would need for the new job.

With that, we set out to build the Blue Meanie; an EQS 6 that provided the bright, percussive complement to his Parallipse. We started with the ideal vintage construction: alder body, maple neck and a perfectly quartersawn Brazilian Rosewood fretboard. Zach loved V-shapes, Especially the DV Hybrid shape on his Parallipse, but wanted to soften the shape for the style of this build. Accordingly, we took a slim C shape and left a subtle V-influenced crease on the back of the neck.

For the electronics, Zach mentioned that he would need an acoustic tone for some of the tracks. Naturally, we wired in GraphTech Ghost saddles and an Acousti-Phonic preamp, but kept the outputs from the magnetic and piezo pickups isolated in stereo. This meant that a dead battery would never derail a song in the show, and also allowed for smooth, hands-free transitions between electric and acoustic tones via a stereo pan pedal.

Between the wood choices, thin-V neck shape, Earvana compensated nut, milled brass Hipshot bridge, classic-voiced DiMarzio pickups and high-performance GraphTech AcoustiPhonic system; the Blue Meanie bridges vintage tone and modern technology flawlessly. 

Blue Meanie Control Layout
Electric Volume:
500K pot controls the volume of the magnetic pickups.
Electric Tone:
500K pot wired with a .022uF orange drop cap controls the tone of the magnetic pickups. Includes push/pull switch that allows for bridge pickup series/parallel operation.

Acoustic Volume:
500K pot controls the volume of the GraphTech Ghost acoustic system.
Pickup Selector:
Position 1: Neck single-coil only
Position 2: Neck & middle single-coils
Position 3: Middle single-coil only
Position 4: Middle single-coil & coil-split bridge humbucker (out of phase)
Position 5: Bridge humbucker only
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