Crafted with the Celtic pride of it's owner in mind; Olithair is an Ellipsis 6 built to handle the genre-bending playing style of Thom Turner of the band Freya. Thom might be onstage in high-gain Drop B one night and playing traditional Celtic folk-music the next, so the need for versatility without compromise was the utmost priority.

For a mix of warmth and clarity, we chose hard, open-grained woods for the neck (Pau Ferro/Maple with a Bocote Fretboard) and flexible, closed-grained woods for the body (Flamed Maple/Alder.) To help keep the guitar clear and loud in extreme drop tunings, the guitar was built around a slight baritone scale of 26.25" Loaded with a set of DiMarzio pickups (each with it's own series/parallel switch) and a GraphTech Piezoacoustic system, Olithair can create gorgous folk acoustic tones as easily as crushing breakdowns.