Aaron first contacted me while he was testing the water for luthiers willing to take on an unusul build. Initially, the concept seemed straight-forward: a 7-string multiscale Ellipsis. However, four of the string would be arranged in double-coursed pairs like a mandolin and the guitar would be tuned in 5ths from bass E to cover most of the range of an 8-string. Although certainly unorthodox, I considered it an exciting challenge, as well as an opportunity to build something totally unique for a guy with a vision.

The entire idea was built around his band, abandonist, a sludge/doom project for which he draws inspiration from the dilapidated buildings in South Carolina. Accordingly, we wanted to incorporate unusual woods that had a natural, distressed look, but that would still be perfectly suited for the guitar's wide sonic range. The result has become the Ash, Figured Cherry, Walnut and Bocote abandonist Ellipsis 5/7, adorned with a pair of Santoku knives inlaid at the first fret as the totem for Aaron's second passion as a professional chef.

See the guitar in action! Full walk-thru and demo:

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