Simultaneously exotic and familiar; versatile and simplistic; Maya was designed to be the perfect tool for it's owner's musical exploration. The combination of bubinga, wenge and maple for the neck covers the entire midrange frequency spectrum, while the ebony fretboard and swamp ash body lend the treble and bass bookends. Equipped with a Lace Deathbar and X-Bar set, each with a coil-split via push/pull knob, Maya's amplified sound is very neutral and easily molded by the pedals and amplifier in the signal chain. With the full range of an 8-string, balanced tone and hi-fidelity electronics, Maya is as perfectly suited for gutteral distortion as it is clean jazz and complex chord-voicings.

Maya Control Layout
Master Volume:
500K pot controls the volume of the magnetic pickups. Includes push/pull switch that splits the neck pickup for single-coil operation.

Pickup Selector:
3-way switch toggles between the bridge pickup, both pickups and the neck pickup.
Master Tone:
500K pot wired with a .022uF orange drop cap controls the tone of the magnetic pickups. Includes push/pull switch that splits the bridge pickup for single-coil operation.