Meaning "nightmare" in Swedish, Mardröm is the first Accipiter 7 prototype, built for Anders Engman of the Philadelphia death metal outfit Zier. The significance of the name for Anders is actually the same as the drive behind the meticulous details in our instruments; channelling life experience, both negative and positive, into cathartic creative expression.

The choice in body wood came from the need for a slightly warmer, yet extremely defined 7-string tone. To achieve this, we decided on a rather unusual tonewood; Black Ash, the frequency response of which falling halfway between Alder and Swamp Ash. Complete with Luminlay fret markers, an ultra-custom scorched crimson finish, outlined in black binding and a set of Bare Knuckle Aftermaths the look and sound of the instrument capture the blistering sonic onslaught that it was designed for.