Sleek and serpentine; the Basilisk is the 5-string Accipiter bass built for Zak Baskin of the Boston death-metal heavyweight Totality. As an extremely technical fingerstyle bassist, Zak needed a bass that could not only keep up with him but that could help push the boundaries of death-metal bass tone.

Years ago Zak had asked me to Install a tremolo system in his main bass. Since then, it has become a staple in his sound and therefore was a necessity in the build. Additionally, we wired up the bridge with piezo-acoustic saddles to incorporate the raw string sound into his amplified tone (or to be able to do acoustic dive-bombs if necessary.) These elements were loaded into a 35" scale alder-bodied Accipiter with an ebony fretboard, maple/wenge 5-piece neck figured maple top. Combined with a flagship set of Nordstrand DC-5 pickups and a 3-band Aguilar preamp; Zak now has all the tools necessary to unleash sub-sonic hell.