It might seem a bit counter-intuitive to claim green-thinking initiatives as a company that sells products made from wood, but in fact that is exactly what we're doing. We are working with local wood salvage companies and responsible lumber distributers in order to offer premium tonewoods with minimal impact to the environment. We are also reusing any exotic wood pieces left over from the primary build as binding, wood accents, pickup rings, knobs, switch tips and other parts and details.

As previously explained in the Design Concept section, the finishing options that we have decided on are essentially "green" alternatives to the industry standard choices. Waterbased lacquer is a fume-free finish that dries hard like polyurethane while shellac is flexible and resonant like nitrocellulose but is literally edible once it is dry.

The honest truth is that the modern incarnations of a number of "legendary" tonewoods don't live up to their former glory. As time marches on, we will continue to find creative ways to offer either the "real deal" in a way that won't deplete natural resources or provide alternatives that have equal tonal benefits without sacrificing quality in any way. After all, we're here to make a positive mark on the guitar industry, not a carbon footprint.