Having a custom guitar built for you is kind of like having someone else name your kids; its nice to know the person doing it and even better when you can have a say in the process. That being said, I would like to take the opportunity to introduce not just the guitar company, but myself. Hi, my name is Dave.

For over a decade I have been fixing, modifying, building, buying, selling and most importantly playing guitars and basses. I have worked in repair shops, on sales floors, in tech support offices, onstage, backstage, you name it...and as a result, I have gotten to know the guitar and the people who love them from just about every perspective there is. I don't profess to be any kind of tone guru or hardened road warrior here to force my own opinions down anyone's throat; all I have is the look, feel and sound in my head, an understanding of what ingredients make that possible, and a lifetime surrounded by people chasing their own ideals.

At Equilibrium Guitars we are first and foremost, musicians. That source of inspiration drives the form and function of every instrument we make, as well as every decision we make as a company. Feel free to contact us anytime (no automated phone directories I promise) and thanks for checking us out!

Founder/Head Luthier/Coffee-Go-Getter